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ARM 7 Development Board     Bio Medical Instrumentation system    Advance Digital Communication Board
Advance Digital Communication Board    ASK/FSK/PSK Modulation & Demodulation Kit    Data Format /Reformat Conditioning Kit
Data Modem Trainer    EPABX Trainer    Error Detection and Correction Kit
Ethernet Trainer     LAN Trainer System    LTE ,3G ,WiMAX Development Kit
SDR Development Board    Universal Communication Kit    Portable Data  Logger
GSM Mobile Intrusion System    Advanced Digital Trainer Kit    Analog Trainer Kit
Digital bread Board Trainer    Digital Training System with software     IC Tester
Micro Controller Trainer Kit 8051    8085 Micro processer trainer kit    8086 Micro Processor Trainer Kit
ARDUINOUNO Daughter Board    ARM COTEX M3 –LPC 1768    Embedded Fiber Optic Application Board
Embedded Biometric Development System    Embedded Interfacing Modules    ADC  Interface
ADC/DAC Combined interface    Stepper Motor Interface    DC Motor Interface
Relay Buzzer Interface    Traffic Light study Card    Elevator Interface
LCD 16X2 Interface    LCD 20X4 Interface    128X64 Grafical LCD Interface
PS2 to PC Keyboard Interface    4X4 Hex Keyboard Interface    SD Card Interface
DTMF Based Robot Module    IR Based Visitor Counter Module    IR experimental Interface Module
Motor Driver –L293D Module    Photo Devices Interface    Touch sensor Interface
Temperature sensor Interface    Ultrasonic Sensor Interface    Proximity Sensor Interface
Accelerometer Sensor Interface    Humidity Sensor Interface    NANO 51 Project Oriented Board
NANo AVR Project Oriented Board    PIC project oriented Board    Universal Microcontroller Embedded package
Wireless modem/Interface Module    RFID Module Interface    Bluetooth Module Interface
WiFi Module Interface    x-Bee Module    Advanced Optic –Fibre Trainer
Optical Power Meter    UPS Trainer    IP-EPABX
Robotic Lab Interface    RF based Remote Control    Hand Held Portable Bio Metric Machine
Network Trainer Kit    PID Trainer System    PLC digital /Analog  Trainer Kit
Advanced Electro Pneumatic Trainer System    Raspberry Pi    Advance Robotic ARM with Software & Hardware
Advance Robotic BAGGI System    SWARM Robotics    Accelerometer
Data Logger    Load Cell Trainer    LVDT Trainer
PC Based Data Acq system    Photo Transducer    RTD Trainer
Strain Gauge Trainer    Temperature Development Tool kit    Temperature Sensor Trainer
Universal  Instrumentation kit    Solar Trainer    Torque Measurement system
Vibration Data Acquisation System    NANO –CPLD Development Board    NANO –FPGA Development Board
Universal  FPGA/CPLD Development Board    Blutooth Trainer    GPS Trainer
GSM Trainer     ISDN Trainer    LAN Trainer
Mobile Trainer    RF Application system    RFID Application system
TCP-IP application System    Wi Fi Trainer    WSN Trainer
Zigbee Trainer    GPRS Trainer     Wireless Robotic Baggy
Wireless Triggering System    Smart Class Room Solution    Interactive Information KIOSKs
PH Measurement system    Wireless sensor Node for Research Application    CCTV
Biometric    Video Door Phone     Burglar alarm
Audio solutions    Smart Class Room Solution    PA System


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